Android Manifest Settings

Configure your manifest with the necessary VR settings, as shown in the following manifest segment.

Note: These manifest requirements are intended for development and differ from our submission requirements. Before submitting your application, please be sure to follow the manifest requirements described by our Publishing Guide.
<manifest xmlns:android="" package="<packagename>"  
android:versionCode="1" android:versionName="1.0" android:installLocation="auto">
<application android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Black.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen" >
<meta-data android:name="" android:value="vr_only"/>
<activity  android:screenOrientation="landscape" 
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" android:targetSdkVersion="21" />
<uses-feature android:glEsVersion="0x00030001" />
  • Replace <packagename> with your actual package name, such as "com.oculus.cinema".
  • The Android theme should be set to the solid black theme for comfort during application transitioning: Theme.Black.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen
  • The vr_only meta data tag should be added for VR mode detection.
  • The required screen orientation is landscape: android:screenOrientation="landscape"
  • It is recommended that your configChanges are as follows: android:configChanges="screenSize|screenLayout|orientation|keyboardHidden|keyboard|navigation"
  • The minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion are set to the API level supported by the device. For the current set of devices, the API minimum level and target level are 21.
  • Do not add the noHistory attribute to your manifest.

Applications submission requirements may require additional adjustments to the manifest. Please refer to Application Manifests for Release Versions in our Publishing Guide.