SD Card Support - Gear VR

All Gear VR applications submitted to the Oculus Store must support installation to SD Card.

SD Card installation support is enabled with the manifest setting android:installLocation="auto" as described in Android Manifest Settings.

To test application performance after installing to an SD Card:

  1. Verify that AndroidManifest.xml is set to android:installLocation=”auto”.
  2. Build an APK of your application.
  3. Sign your application as described in Oculus Signature File (osig) and Application Signing.
  4. Sideload your app as described in “Using adb to Install Applications” in our adb guide. Be sure to install the application to internal storage,
  5. Go to the Android Application Manager and move the application to an SD Card. For more details, see our Developer Blog post Gear VR SD Card Support.
  6. Launch your application and verify that it works properly.

Users who install mobile applications from the Oculus Store who wish to store them on their SD Card must manually move them following the steps described by our Developer Blog post Gear VR SD Card Support.