1.16 Release Notes

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Mobile SDK.


For additional information, see Migrating to Mobile SDK 1.16.0.

New Features

The following new features can be found in 1.16:

  • This release exposes experimental Vulkan support for the Oculus Go.

API Changes

  • Android gamepad events will now be eaten in the lower-level system, since they are exposed through the Input API. This behavior can be changed by setting the ovrProperty VRAPI_EAT_NATIVE_GAMEPAD_EVENTS to false. If this property is set to false on native activity apps, they must handle the events.

  • The default behavior for recenter is to now additionally recenter the headset for applications built with 1.16.0 and higher. This behavior can be disabled by setting the ovrProperty VRAPI_REORIENT_HMD_ON_CONTROLLER_RECENTER to false.

  • VrApi Vulkan entry points and structure types are now exposed. See the new VrCubeWorld_Vulkan sample for example API usage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in VrGui UIButton where a VRMenuComponent held a reference to a UIButton that could be deleted before the VRMenuComponent. This could cause a crash in focus handling if the UIButton performed an action that caused itself to be deleted.

  • Gamepad API should now properly report values for native activity.

Known Issues

  • There are no known issues in this release.