Oculus Go Development

On 6/23/20 Oculus announced plans to sunset Oculus Go. Information about dates and alternatives can be found in the Oculus Go introduction.

Oculus Quest Development

All Oculus Quest developers MUST PASS the concept review prior to gaining publishing access to the Quest Store and additional resources. Submit a concept document for review as early in your Quest application development cycle as possible. For additional information and context, please see Submitting Your App to the Oculus Quest Store.

Mobile SDK

Welcome to the Oculus Mobile SDK.

The Mobile SDK provides resources for native development and third-party engine integration on Oculus mobile devices that use Android. To download the Mobile SDK, go to the Oculus Mobile SDK.

Mobile SDK Contents

  • VrApi for third-party engine integration (not required for Unity or Unreal).
  • Native application framework for building high-performance VR applications from scratch.
  • Native project sample applications and source to provide reference model for creating your own VR applications.
  • Tools and resources to assist with native development.

Supporting SDKs

Oculus provides several supporting SDKs that add functionality to the Mobile SDK. These include:

Audio SDK

Properly spatialized audio dramatically improves immersion. To get the Audio SDK, go to the Downloads Page. To learn more, review the Audio SDK Documentation.

Platform SDK

Identity, social, engagement, and revenue features can dramatically improve the games and experiences that you create. To get the Platform SDK, go to the Downloads Page. To learn more, review the Platform SDK Documentation.

Avatar SDK

Having a head and hands in VR improves social and Touch experiences. To get the Avatar SDK, go to the Downloads Page. To learn more, review the Avatar SDK Documentation.

Getting Started

To get started with the Mobile SDK, visit our Getting Started Guide.

Oculus Mobile Development Using Unity or Unreal Engine

This guide is for native developers. For documentation on Oculus mobile development using Unity or Unreal Engine, see our Unity documentation and Unreal Engine documentation.


Visit our developer support forums at https://forums.oculusvr.com/developer/discussions.

Our Support Center can be accessed at https://support.oculus.com/.