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Subscriptions provide a way for users to purchase your Quest Store app or its premium content by way of a recurring payment model. Offering subscriptions can be an attractive option for apps or games with frequent content updates or other service-like attributes.

Users can purchase subscriptions from within your app as an in-app purchase, and you can additionally offer 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day free trials that automatically convert to recurring monthly subscriptions after the trial period ends. Users can manage their subscriptions in their headset’s account settings or by way of the Oculus App.

Understand that by offering subscriptions, you are obligated to accurately describe the benefits of the subscription within the app and to fulfill the content or service for your apps during each subscription period sold.


  • A monthly recurring subscription is currently the only available subscription interval.

  • Subscriptions are not supported for App Lab apps or with App Sharing. If multiple accounts are sharing a headset, only the account that purchased the subscription can access the premium content.

  • Subscriptions can only be purchased in-app. It is not possible to purchase subscriptions for apps from the Oculus Store itself.

  • If the premium content includes downloadable content (DLC) as add-on content, you must supply your own methods for hosting and downloading the DLC. DLC hosted on the Oculus platform cannot be linked to a subscription offer.

  • Changing the price of an existing subscription offer only affects new users. Users already subscribed to an offer keep the original pricing until they cancel their subscription.

Allowed subscription models

Choose from one of these three subscriptions models for your app:

Free base app
Required subscription to
access all content.
Free base app
Optional subscription to
access premium content.
Paid base app
Optional subscription to
access premium content.

These subscription models allow “try before you buy” type interactions with your app that can give users a sense of your app before they decide to purchase a subscription. We recommend that all apps that offer subscriptions implement some kind of try before you buy interaction.

Create subscription offers

Subscription offers require Oculus review. You can create subscription offers in the developer dashboard and link any IAP (non-DLC IAP only) you want to associate with the subscription offer. After Oculus approves the offer, you can then offer the subscription’s SKU for sale as an in-app purchase. For information on how to implement in-app purchases in your app, see In-App Purchase Integration.

Note: If you change the price of a subscription offer, the change must go through Oculus review for approval. Other changes to the properties of a subscription offer do not require approval.

To create a subscription offer:

  1. Log on to the Developer Dashboard and navigate to your app.
  2. Go to Platform Services > Subscriptions and then click Create Subscription.
  3. Fill the form fields and then click Submit.
  4. Your subscription appears in the In Progress tab as a draft.
  5. In the In Progress tab, click the name of the app, and then go to the Linked Content tab.
  6. Click Manage Linked Content.

    Manage Linked Content for Subscriptions

  7. From the Linked Content list, select any add-on items you want to have entitled with the subscription offer.
  8. Click Publish.
  9. Add any notes you might have for the Oculus review team, and then click Submit for Review.