Oculus for Business Oculus-Hosted Apps and Release Channel

This topic will review the process to upload and submit an Oculus for Business app to Device Manager using Business release channels. Apps targeting the Oculus Store should instead follow the instructions on App Submission and Store Review.

Once uploaded, apps can be managed and deployed to the device fleet by following instructions on the App Management page.

Apps that have previously been deployed through self-hosted or remote install must delete the app from your App Library before proceeding with Oculus Business Channels. The Migration Guide section below contains more information.

Access Business Release Channels

For access to the Business release channel, you’ll need to belong to an ISV with the Developer or Admin role. The Create an Organization and Manage Users guide describes the process to create and organization and manage users on the Oculus Dashboard.

If you have not done so already, you’ll need to create an app page on the Oculus Dashboard.

  1. Log on to the Oculus Developer Dashboard at https://developer.oculus.com/manage.
  2. Click Create New App.
  3. Select Oculus Quest as the app Platform.
  4. Enter the name of your app. The name is permanent and cannot be changed.

Submit your App to a Business Release Channel on the Oculus Dashboard

Before submitting your app, ensure you’ve followed the development guidance in the Oculus for Business Developer Guide.

To submit your OFB app, select the Manage Builds nav item under the OFB app you created in your Organization. At the bottom of you App Build Dashboard, click the Upload Build button. In your Build Dashboard, you’ll see the Business category. To create a Business Release:

  1. Click Create Release Channel and provide a name and description for the release channel in the modal that opens. In the Type of Release Channel dropdown, select Business. Do not select Enable public opt-in.

    Create a new release channel

  2. Upload your build by opening the options menu for the Release Channel and selecting Upload New Binary to release channel name.

    Business release channel

Note: At upload all OFB apps will be checked for the same requirements as Oculus Store apps, detailed in the Upload Oculus Quest and Go Apps to the Oculus Store guide, but will not be reviewed by Oculus.

You may distribute the app to Device Manager at this time. Before doing so we recommend adding relevant App metadata and assets (like logo, cover art, and VR landscape).

Asset files are supported OFB apps, see Asset Files to Manage Download Size for information on using Asset Files.

Distribute App to Customers

Once the Business release channel has been created and an app uploaded, you can associate the release channel with your, or your client’s, Device Manager. To assign an app to a Device Manager instance:

  1. On the release channel dashboard, click the Invite Customers button to open the Invite a Customer modal.

    Add customers to a release channel

  2. Populate the Device Manager ID, and click Send Invite. This will send the invite to the customer’s Device Manager instance that they must accept.

If you have already added a customer to this release channel, you can check the status or remove the customer using the Manage Customers tab.

Note: OFB devices must be updated to OS version 23, or later, to see applications deployed via Oculus Business Channels.

Migration Guide from Self-Hosted to Oculus-Hosted

If you, or a customer, previously deployed a self-hosted app and now wish to migrate to an Oculus Business Channel, follow these steps:

ISV - Follow the same process described above to create a Quest app and Business Channel in the Oculus Developer Dashboard. Then invite the customer using their Device Manager ID.

Customer -

  1. Before accepting the app invitation, ensure that all headsets are on OS v23, or later.
  2. Delete the application from all headsets where previously installed via Device Manager.
  3. Delete the application from the Device Manager App Library.
  4. Go to “App Invites” and accept invitation by selecting “Add to App Library”.
  5. Deploy application from App Library to the headsets again.
  6. You are now set up to use Business channels for this app.

It is recommended that you increment the version or build number during this process, even if the app is unchanged.