Launching Third-Party Applications

Rift applications may be accessed and launched from your Library in Home or the Oculus application, after you launch them for the first time, even if you acquired them from outside the Oculus Store.

The ability to launch in-development applications from your Library can reduce development overhead.

Make sure that Filter > Unknown Sources is enabled in the Oculus Application.

You must run each third-party application one time from its original launcher in order for it to subsequently appear in your Library. Once an application is available in your Library, you can launch it normally.

Note: These applications will no longer be visible in your Library if you disable Unknown Sources. If you re-enable Unknown Sources, they will become visible again.

To remove an application permanently from your Library, right-click on the application in the Oculus Application or Home, and remove it from the list.

If an application was purchased from SteamVR, its proper title will be retrieved and displayed in the Oculus Application. Otherwise, the application file name will be displayed, e.g., MyTestApp.exe.

Oculus is not able to display the application title for non-Steam applications.

Note: SteamVR applications are only added if Oculus can detect which application launched the OpenVR proxy.