Room and Sensor Setup

The information on this page only applies to Mixed Reality Capture on the original configuration Rift with external sensors. If you're using a Rift S, you can skip to the Camera Calibration step.

Mixed reality captures images from an external camera that you’ll compose into the virtual app that you’re using. This guide will review some room configurations that Oculus used when developing mixed reality; your use-case and implementation may be different.

Green Screen Setup

Note: 4 sensor configurations are not supported by Oculus. However, 4 sensor configurations may offer high-performance mixed reality tracking when used in combination with the 4 USB expansion card listed on the System Configurations page. Guides reviewing materials to use and how to construct a green screen are readily available online.

Sensor Configuration

The following sensor setups are starting points for your configuration. The optimal sensor setup may vary depending on your room configuration and app you’re using. When setting up your sensors, it is important that you do not occlude the sensors. Occlusion could lead to a loss of tracking.

3 Sensor Configurations

When using 3 sensor configurations, you need to make sure that you do not occlude more than 1 sensor at any time. The following are examples of 3 sensor configurations.

Configuration one:

Configuration two:

4 Sensor Configurations

4 sensor configurations have shown to be reliable configurations for mixed reality capture. The following is an example of a 4 sensor configuration.