Changes For Release 0.4

A number of changes were made to the API since the 0.3.2 Preview release.

These are summarized as follows:

  • Removed the method ovr_GetDesc. The ovrHmd handle is now a pointer to a ovrHmdDesc struct.
  • The sensor interface has been simplified. Your application should now call ovr_ConfigureTracking at initialization and ovr_GetTrackingState or ovr_GetEyePoses to get the head pose.
  • ovr_BeginEyeRender and ovr_EndEyeRender have been removed. You should now use ovr_GetEyePoses to determine predicted head pose when rendering each eye. Render poses and ovrTexture info is now passed into ovr_EndFrame rather than ovr_EndEyeRender.
  • ovrSensorState struct is now ovrTrackingState. The predicted pose Predicted is now named HeadPose. CameraPose and LeveledCameraPose have been added. Raw sensor data can be obtained through RawSensorData.
  • ovrSensorDesc struct has been merged into ovrHmdDesc.
  • Addition of ovr_AttachToWindow. This is a platform specific function to specify the application window whose output will be displayed on the HMD. Only used if the ovrHmdCap_ExtendDesktop flag is false.
  • Addition of ovr_GetVersionString. Returns a string representing the libOVR version.

There have also been a number of minor changes:

  • Renamed ovrSensorCaps struct to ovrTrackingCaps.
  • Addition of ovrHmdCaps::ovrHmdCap_Captured flag. Set to true if the application captured ownership of the HMD.
  • Addition of ovrHmdCaps::ovrHmdCap_ExtendDesktop flag. The display driver is in compatibility mode (read only).
  • Addition of ovrHmdCaps::ovrHmdCap_NoMirrorToWindow flag. Disables mirroring of HMD output to the window. This may improve rendering performance slightly (only if ’Extend-Desktop’ is off).
  • Addition of ovrHmdCaps::ovrHmdCap_DisplayOff flag. Turns off HMD screen and output (only if ’ExtendDesktop’ is off).
  • Removed ovrHmdCaps::ovrHmdCap_LatencyTest flag. Was used to indicate support of pixel reading for continuous latency testing.
  • AdditionofovrDistortionCaps::ovrDistortionCap_Overdriveflag. Overdrivebrightness transitions to reduce artifacts on DK2 displays.
  • Addition of ovrStatusBits::ovrStatus_CameraPoseTracked flag. Indicates that the camera pose is successfully calibrated.