Changes For Release 0.5

A number of changes were made to the API since the 0.4 release.

The Oculus SDK 0.5 moves from static linking to a dynamic link library (DLL) model. Using a DLL offers several advantages:

  • As long as the arguments and return values are the same, experiences do not need to be recompiled to take advantage of the updated library.
  • Localization into new languages is easier because the functions remain consistent across languages.
  • The DLL can be updated to take advantage of new features and headsets without affecting current games and experiences.

In addition to moving to a DLL model, the following changes were made:

  • SDK versions now use a product.major.minor.patch format. The product value is currently set to 0 as this is a pre-release product. For example, means Product 0, Major 5, Minor 0, Patch 1.
  • Significant improvements were made to tracking behavior and performance.
  • Improvements were made to the samples.
  • The SDK now provides better reporting of display driver incompatibility.
  • Support for DX10 was removed.
  • DX9 support is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the SDK.
  • A bug was fixed where full persistence was inadvertently enabled due to device initialization races.
  • Improvements were made to headset USB sleep management.
  • Uncommon deadlocks were fixed in the runtime service.
  • Diagnostics and configuration capture were improved.
  • Monitor rotation is now supported in the legacy Extended mode.
  • Default time warp scheduling is improved, which should reduce frame drops.

The following SDK changes were made:

  • Moved and renamed LibOVR/Src/OVR_CAPI.h to LibOVR/Include/OVR_CAPI_0_5_0.h. Some additional public headers such as OVR_Version.h have been moved to LibOVR/Include/. Any other previously public headers are now private to LibOVR.
  • Added enum ovrHmdCaps::ovrHmdCap_DebugDevice.
  • Renamed enum ovrDistortionCaps::ovrDistortionCap_ProfileNoTimewarpSpinWaits to ovrDistortionCap_ProfileNoSpinWaits.
  • Removed enum ovrDistortionCaps::ovrDistortionCap_NoTimewarpJit.
  • Added enum ovrDistortionCaps::ovrDistortionCap_TimewarpJitDelay.
  • Removed ovrTrackingState::LastVisionProcessingTime.
  • Removed ovrTrackingState::LastVisionFrameLatency.
  • ovr_Initialize now takes a params argument. See the in-code documentation for details.
  • ovr_Initialize now returns false for additional reasons.
  • No API functions can be called after ovr_Shutdown except ovr_Initialize.
  • The hmdToEyeViewOffset argument for ovr_GetEyePosess is now const.
  • Added the ovrQuatf playerTorsoMotion argument to ovr_GetEyeTimewarpMatricesDebug.
  • Added ovr_TraceMessage.