Changes in Version 1.23.x

New Features for 1.23.x

  • VRC Validator GUI: The Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Validator utility runs automated tests to determine if your Rift app is ready for Oculus Store technical review. The VRC Validator now provides an easy-to-use GUI interface (in addition to the commandline interface that has been available in previous releases). The GUI interface can be launched from the Oculus Debug Tool. For more information, see

API Changes

  • There are no breaking API changes in this release.
  • The following error codes were added:
    ovrError_DisplayLimitReached = -6009,
    /// There was a problem initializing the external camera for capture
    ovrError_ExternalCameraInitializedFailed = -1019,
    /// There was a problem capturing external camera frames
    ovrError_ExternalCameraCaptureFailed = -1020,
    /// The external camera friendly name list and the external camera name list
    /// are not the fixed size(OVR_MAX_EXTERNAL_CAMERA_NAME_BUFFER_SIZE).
    ovrError_ExternalCameraNameListsBufferSize = -1021,
    /// The external camera friendly name list is not the same size as
    /// the external camera name list.
    ovrError_ExternalCameraNameListsMistmatch = -1022,
    /// The external camera property has not been sent to OVRServer
    /// when the user tries to open the camera.
    ovrError_ExternalCameraNotCalibrated = -1023,
    /// The external camera name is larger than OVR_EXTERNAL_CAMERA_NAME_SIZE-1
    ovrError_ExternalCameraNameWrongSize = -1024,

Known SDK Issues

  • The sample project, LibOVR.vcxproj, cannot be used with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. If you compile this project with those Visual Studio versions, it will not load. A fix for this issue is expected in the 1.23 PC-SDK release.
  • There's a bug affecting the Guardian System API by which color set operations to the visualized grid don't work if they are called while the HMD is not being worn.