Discoverability is a set of features that help users find apps, content, and events targeted to their interests. You can create Events, In-App Content stories, and Announcements that we'll show users in VR who may be interested.

Note: The Discoverability features and content described in this guide are only available for Gear VR at this time.

As the Oculus platform grows with more apps and content, our goal is to help people find apps and experiences that are relevant to them. The three Discoverability features in Oculus Home show users apps, updates, and events that they may be interested in. The Discoverability features are:

  • Oculus Explore, a stream of targeted content based on the user's interest. Oculus Explore shows photo and video stories, auto-generated trending stories, and developer created stories like Announcements and In-App Content.

    Note: To have a trending app show up in Oculus Explore without creating an Announcement or In-App Content post, you'll need to have submitted a cubemap and a 2D video to the Assets page in the Oculus store.
  • Oculus Events are time specific experiences that show up in both Home and the Oculus 2D app, that users may subscribe to and receive notifications about. Events are shown to all users, inclusing those who have not yet downloaded your app.
  • Oculus Search, a keyword search that will return results about all apps and in-app content that match the user's search terms.

Create Stories and Events for Users to Discover

You can create stories and events to showcase exciting content for your app in the Oculus Developer Center. Oculus will then show them to people who may be interested, providing opportunities for people to download or re-engage with your app.

  • Announcements
    Announce new changes or updates in your app, such as a new game mode, level, social feature, or character class. Announcements may be shown in Explore if the post matches a user's interests. Announcements will be shown in the Oculus Explore sections of Home.
  • Events
    Use Events to host time-specific gatherings for your users to attend, like a viewing party, social mixer, or game tournament. Events may be shown in Explore if the post matches a user's interests. Events will be shown in the Oculus Events section of Home and Oculus Explore if deeplinks are implemented.
  • In-App Content
    Preview self-contained experiences in your app, like a video, photo set, or standalone experience with In-App Content. In-App Content may be shown in Explore if the post matches a user's interests. In-App Content will be surfaced in Oculus Search. We can show users your In-App Content post in Oculus Explore if you provide a trailer video for the post.