Current Platform SDK Release Notes

Use the Platform SDK to create social VR applications. Add Matchmaking, DLC, Commerce (In-App Purchases), Cloud Storage, Voice Chat, Achievements, and more to your experience using the individual components of the SDK. The SDK download includes sample apps that demonstrate how to implement many of the SDK features in fully-functional games and applications.

The Platform SDK is compatible with all Oculus supported development environments and platforms. Information about the SDK features and how to get started can be found in the Oculus Platform SDK documentation.

Oculus Platform SDK 1.34.0

This release includes the following changes.

Matchmaking Updates

The matchmaking language in the developer dashboard has been simplified to more clearly communicate the choices available.

  • The choice between Browse and Quickmatch modes has been replaced by room configuration choices. Now, when you create a matchmaking pool, instead of choosing between, Browse, Quickmatch, and Advanced Quickmatch, you can opt for the system to manage a queue of rooms, and you choose who can create rooms for the queue.
    • For browsing only, choose to have users create rooms.
    • For browsing and matchmaking based on criteria such as skill or map being played, choose users and system to create rooms.
  • Skill Pool has been renamed to Skill Component to more accurately reflect the relationship between matchmaking pools and skill.

This means that to create a matchmaking pool that enables users to browse, you need to configure the matchmaking pool as follows:

  • Should Pool Manage Rooms? - *Yes**
    • Who can create rooms? - Users can create rooms must be selected for to support browse.
    • Can unmatched users join matchmaking rooms?- Yes
    • Can the matchmaking service keep matching into the same room? -*Yes**
    • Enable host migration when room owner leaves the room? - Either Yes or No

The following update shows an example of how to configure matchmaking for browse scenarios:

For more information about how to configure different types of matchmaking, see How to Implement Simple, Browse and Advanced Matchmaking.

API Changes

  • There are no breaking changes to version 1.34.0.