Deploy Build on Headset

When developing apps for Oculus Quest, it becomes a norm to build and test your work-in-progress on the headset. It’s important that you always test your build on a real headset before you submit it to the Oculus store. Instead of using command line tools, ODH makes it very easy to deploy APK files to Oculus headset so that you can test your code with minimum iteration.

Before you can distribute your app, you need to create or join an organization on the Oculus dashboard. An organization represents the company or individual associated with your app. ODH lists all the organizations you’ve created or joined, and the app details such as release notes, rating, and channel information on the home page.

Deploy Build

  1. Build your Unity project.
  2. Locate the APK file on the computer.
  3. On My Device, under Apps, drag and drop the APK file in the Add an APK section or click Upload to locate the APK on your computer.

    ODH APK Install

  4. Wear your Oculus headset, press the Oculus button on the controller to open the menu, click the Apps icon, and from the top-right list, select Unknown Sources.
  5. Open the app from the list.

View App Details

  1. From the top-left list, select the organization for which you want to view the apps.
  2. On the Home tab, based on the selected organization, apps are displayed in the Your Apps section.
  3. Click View Details to view the detailed information on the Oculus dashboard.

ODH App Details