Use RenderDoc for Oculus for GPU Profiling

RenderDoc is a graphics debugging tool that supports multiple graphics APIs and development platforms. It is used for frame capture and analysis during development. RenderDoc shows how a running application’s engine determined a scene should be rendered on Oculus Quest hardware for a single frame. This information can often be used to find optimization opportunities and potential sources of performance issues.

Oculus now maintains its own fork of RenderDoc. This fork provides access to low-level GPU profiling data from the Quest’s Snapdragon 835 chip and the Quest 2’s Snapdragon XR2 chip, specifically information from its tile renderer.

The RenderDoc for Oculus installer for Windows is available on our Downloads page.


RenderDoc for Oculus can perform a tile-level render stage trace for a single frame of an app on a connected Oculus Quest. After completing a successful trace, the results can be viewed in the new Tile Timeline view, which can be found at Window > Tile Timeline. This timeline shows each surface rendered sequentially during the frame, as well as the render stages for each tile on a given surface, with accurate timing information.

RenderDoc for Oculus can also perform a draw call trace that collects up to 45 low-level metrics pertaining to each individual draw call in the capture. For a list of these metrics, see Draw Call Metrics. Note that this feature is currently supported for apps using Vulkan API.

RenderDoc for Oculus supports both OpenGL and Vulkan apps. Note that apps used with this tool must be development builds.

Tile Timeline

The Tile Timeline is a new UI element that presents the results of a render stage trace. Due to the Oculus Quest GPU’s tiled architecture, rendering of a surface is divided into bins and then executed in stages. Using the Tile Timeline view, developers can identify hidden states such as the rendering mode of a surface or the number of bins executed.

Tile timeline

Performance Counter Viewer

The Performance Counter Viewer is a new UI element that presents the results of a draw call trace. It displays user-selected metrics pertaining to each draw call. See Draw Call Metrics for information on available metrics.

Performance Counter Viewer

Using RenderDoc for Oculus

See the following topics that detail the use of RenderDoc for Oculus:

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