Oculus App Development in Unity

Oculus provides SDK for the Unity development environment. Using the SDK, you can use key VR features such as user input, controllers, and rendering to build immersive VR experiences for Oculus devices.

Unity Sections

  • Get Started - Describes the steps needed to start developing in Unity with Oculus. Set up your development environment, enable your device for development, import the Oculus integration package, configure settings, and build your first app.
  • Core Development Blocks - Develop with Unity Oculus Integration Package and implement the key components to an immersive VR experience. This includes overviews of the package components, camera rig, controllers, integrating a guardian, adding haptic feedback, and hand tracking.
  • Build Tools - Develop more effectively: optimize build iterations, strip unused shaders, and upload the app to the Oculus Store to reduce your iteration time.
  • Package Capabilities - Implement advanced features that optimize rendering for more realistic environments, maximize the field of view, integrate seamless system menus, and enhance immersion to create a more realistic experience.
  • Metrics - Improve performance and debug your app with Oculus metrics.
  • Additional Tools and SDKs - Create immersive audio experiences using the Audio SDK, use Oculus Avatars to create co-present experiences, or use the Oculus Platform SDK for immersive networking features.
  • Sample Framework - Learn more about Unity development with these sample scenes for developers for common VR-specific features including hand presence with Oculus Touch, locomotion, custom hands, and the Oculus Guardian System.
  • Best Practices - Optimize development using best practices in your development with performance targets and advice for the best results on Oculus headsets.
  • Scripting Reference - The Unity Scripting Reference documentation contains detailed information about the data structures and files included with the Oculus Integration unity package.
  • Cross-Platform Development - Develop apps that run across multiple VR platforms including Oculus and OpenVR.
  • Release Notes - Check out previous Oculus Unity Integration releases in the Release Notes archive.
  • Gear VR Development Guide - Legacy - A legacy guide for the deprecated Gear VR headset.