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Preparing for Development: Mobile

This guide describes setup requirements for Oculus mobile VR development with Unity.

Android SDK Setup and Oculus Mobile SDK

The Android SDK is required for mobile development with Unity. However, most Unity developers do not need to install Android Studio or NDK. For setup information, see Mobile Development with Unity in our Mobile SDK documentation.

Please be sure to review all of the relevant performance and design documentation, especially Mobile Best Practices and General Recommendations. Mobile apps are subject to more stringent limitations and requirements and computational limitations which should be taken into consideration from the ground up.

You will find general VR development guidance in our Intro to VR. It is written from the perspective of Rift development, but many of its concepts apply equally well to mobile design.

Application Signing

Mobile applications require two different signatures at different stages of development. Be sure to read the Application Signing section of the Mobile SDK documentation for more information.

Application Entitlement Checking

Entitlement checking, used to protect apps from unauthorized distribution, is disabled by default in Unity. For more information and instructions, see Entitlements: App Authorizations in our Platform guide.