Oculus Audio Loudness Meter Overview

The Oculus Audio Loudness Meter measures the overall loudness of your app’s audio mix.

Loudness goes beyond simple peak level measurements, using integral functions and gates to measure loudness over time in LUFS units according to ITU standards (BS.1770-2).

Target LUFS ranges

In the interest of providing a consistent audio volume experience across all Oculus VR experiences, we ask that you set a target of -18 LUFS for Rift apps and -16 LUFS for standalone apps. If the loudness profile of your app exceeds these thresholds, adjust your audio mix until your app no longer exceeds them.

This guide describes how to use the Oculus Audio Loudness Meter to profile the overall loudness of your app.

Additional Topics

  • Setup

  • Measuring Loudness
    The Loudness Meter continuously monitors the selected audio interface to compile an overall loudness profile for your app.