Downloading the Legacy Integration

All Oculus Unity development materials are available for download at our Developer site:

Legacy Integration Contents

  • Oculus Integration package
  • Project Settings assets

Included with Mobile SDK

  • SDKExamples (source)
  • BlockSplosion sample application (source and pre-built apk, for Mobile SDK)
  • Shadowgun sample application (pre-built-apk, for Mobile SDK)

SDK Examples is a resource for mobile developers that includes Unity example scenes illustrating the use of common resources such as menus, crosshairs, and more. See Oculus Mobile SDKExamples for more information.

Also Available

Additional development resources are available separately from our Downloads page.

  • Legacy Oculus Spatializer for Unity (included with Oculus Audio SDK Plugins; the Native OSP is for use with Unity 5 and later)
  • OVRMonitor (includes the VrCapture library and Oculus Remote Monitor client for mobile performance analysis and debugging; see our OVRMonitor documentation for more information).