1.14 Unity Sample Framework


This version of the Oculus Sample Framework for Unity 5 pulls in the most recent Avatar SDK and Utilities for Unity versions. Importing the Avatar SDK and Utilities for Unity 5 separately is not required. It is compatible with Unity 5.4 and up - please check Compatibility and Version Requirements for up-to-date Unity version recommendations.

For complete instructions on downloading and using the Sample Framework, see Unity Sample Framework in our developer documentation.

New License for Some Content

This version adds a BSD license to the OVRHarness, OVRInspector, and the Sample Scenes folders of the Unity Sample Framework, granting more permissive rights for re-using assets and scripts, and allowing them to be incorporated into your applications. See the LICENSE.txt in the relevant folders for details.

New Features

  • Added Gear VR Controller menu navigation support for mobile binary and project.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Gear VR touchpad navigation issues.

Known Issues

  • Building the Sample Framework project for mobile using Unity 5.6 creates an APK that immediately crashes. The APK is available through the Gallery section of the Oculus Store.
  • Sample Framework Android builds use a custom manifest and are not visible from Applications, and cannot be launched from Oculus Home or the Android Application Launcher. To launch:
    1. Install the APK to your phone.
    2. Open Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Gear VR Service.
    3. Select Storage.
    4. Select Manage Storage.
    5. Toggle Add icon to app list to On.
    6. Close Settings.
    7. Open Apps.
    8. Select Gear VR Service.
    9. Select Oculus Sample Framework to launch.