Oculus Cross-Device Development with App Groupings

Note: You are viewing the Unity version of this topic. To view this topic for native development, see Oculus Cross-Device Development with App Groupings (Native). To view this topic for Unreal development, see Oculus Cross-Device Development with App Groupings (Unreal).

You must choose the target Oculus device when you create an app page on the developer dashboard. This means that if you release an app that targets multiple Oculus devices, such as Rift, you have two apps in the dashboard. By default, each of these apps would have their own platform settings.

App groupings enable Oculus cross-device development by sharing platform settings across all apps in a grouping. This can simplify management and enables you to easily deploy changes across multiple apps.

Features that Can Be Shared in an App Grouping

Following is a list of platform features that can be shared across apps in app groupings:

  • In-App Purchases (IAP)
  • Downloadable Content (DLC)
  • Rooms and Matchmaking
  • Achievements
  • Custom Items
  • Leaderboards
  • Cloud Storage

Create and Manage App Groupings

When you create an app, by default it is put in an app grouping of the same name. This default grouping has the same platform settings as the app it contains. To share platform services, you can create new groupings and move apps from their default group into a group with other apps.

To create a new grouping:

A new grouping does not contain any predefined settings, and is easy to create.


When you have created an org and added an app:

  • Log on to the Oculus Developer Dashboard.
  • Choose the organization that contains the app you would like create a grouping for, then select the app.
  • Select Move from the App Group at the top, then select New Grouping from the target grouping.

The following image shows an example:

  • The Create App Grouping dialog box appears. Enter a name and select Submit. The new group will appear in the list.

Move apps between groupings:

The App Groupings page lists all apps for an organization by group. You can easily move apps from one grouping to another on this page.

  • Hover over an app and select Migrate to another Grouping. The Migrate Application dialog box appears.
  • Select a destination group and click Submit. The app is moved to the new group and will immediately inherit the group settings.

Note: Be careful when moving apps that are already in-use. However, you can move the app back to its old grouping if necessary.

Change app grouping settings:

You can easily change the settings for an app grouping.

  • In the developer dashboard, locate the App Grouping to update and select Manage to open the settings page for the App Grouping.
  • Update settings for the group. The changes will be made for all apps within that grouping.