Get Started with Platform Solutions

Note: You are viewing the Unity version of this topic. To view this topic for native development, see Get Started with Platform Solutions (Native). To view this topic for Unreal development, see Get Started with Platform Solutions (Unreal).

This topic provides the integration process for using Oculus platform solutions, how to configure your development environment, and how to implement the required components to use platform features.

The steps described on this page are required for publishing an app on the Oculus Store. All other feature integrations described in the Developer Guide are optional.

Create an App to Get Started

Before you can get started or integrate any portion of the Platform SDK, you’ll need to define your app in the Developer Dashboard. The App ID created by this process is required to successfully initialize the SDK. Information about how to create your application can be found on the Creating and Managing Apps page of the Publishing section if you have not done so already.

Once you’ve created your application in the Developer Dashboard, go to the API page, retrieve the App Id, and start integrating the SDK.

All developers, including mobile developers, need to install the Oculus runtime from

Download the SDK

Once you have created and app and reviewed how messaging and server to server calls work with platform solutions, you should:

Set Up Your Environment

The set up guide will walk you through the basics of setting up your development environment, initializing the platform, and checking the user’s entitlement:

Platform Basics

Before you start integrating, there are two concepts that you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Server-to-Server API Basics Some platform features use server-to-server (S2S) REST API calls to perform actions not appropriate to be sent from client devices. These APIs are provided to ensure a secure interaction between your back-end servers and the Oculus Platform.

  • Finally, see a full list of Oculus Platform features in the Platform Intro.

Oculus Store Version Verification

Only app versions distributed through the Oculus Store can access Oculus Platform features like Friends, Leaderboards, Matchmaking, and Achievements. To use Oculus Platform features, applications require an access token. For regular users, access tokens are only granted for official versions of an app acquired from the Oculus Store. If you a developer or tester of an app, you can still use Oculus Platform Solutions for sideloaded versions of your app provided your account is associated with the developer oganization that owns the app. For more about organizations and managing accounts, see Create an Organization and Manage Accounts.