Blueprints Reference

This section serves as a reference guide for the Blueprints in the Online Subsystem Oculus library.

To access these Blueprints, you must enable the Online Subsystem Oculus in Edit > Plugin > Online Platform.

User and Account Blueprints

Splash Screen Blueprints

Position and Orientation Blueprints

Guardian Blueprints

  • Get Guardian Dimensions
    Returns the dimensions of the Outer Boundary or the Play Area, expressed in UE4 units.
  • Get Guardian Points
    Returns the points, in UE4 world space, that define the Outer Boundary or the Play Area.
  • Get Node Guardian Intersection
    Returns the intersection result between a tracked device (HMD or Controller) and the Guardian boundary.
  • Get Play Area Transform
    Returns the transform of the Play Area rectangle, defining it's position, rotation, and scale to apply a unit cube to match it with the Play Area.
  • Get Point Guardian Intersection
    Returns the intersection result between the Oculus Guardian boundary and a specified UE4 coordinate.
  • Is Guardian Displayed
    Returns a boolean result that indicates whether or not the Outer Boundary Guardian is being displayed.
  • Set Guardian Visibility
    Specifies whether or not the runtime should render the Guardian.

Dash Blueprints

Mixed Reality Blueprints

  • Get All Tracked Cameras
    Retrieves an array of all calibrated and tracked cameras, which were calibrated through the camera tool.

Performance Optimization Blueprints