Mapping Oculus Controller Input to Blueprint Events

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This reference section describes how Oculus controller actions (such as thumbstick presses) map to the corresponding events that can be handled via blueprints.


When a user invokes an action on the Oculus Touch or Oculus Go controller, such as pressing a button, your application can handle the resulting events by using the blueprints described in this section.

The most common controller actions can be accessed via the standard Unreal MotionController API. These types of controller input tend to be supported across VR platforms.

In addition, Oculus provides several Oculus-specific controller actions. For example, the Oculus Touch (L) Thumb Up CapTouch event uses a capacitive touch sensor to measure how far the user’s thumb is from the thumbstick. The Oculus-specific events can be accessed via the Oculus-specific blueprints.

Both the Unreal MotionController blueprints and the Oculus-specific blueprints are covered in the following reference sections.