Oculus Unreal Engine 4 Integration 1.31 Release Notes

These release notes describe changes to Oculus's Unreal Engine 4.21 available from the Oculus GitHub repository.


New Features

  • Color Scaling has been added – Color scaling can be used to inexpensively modify the brightness of all the pixels output by the compositor. It is commonly used for effects like fade-in or fade-to-black. It is available through the "Set Color Scale and Offset" Blueprint function. For more information, please see All Headsets: Color and Brightness.
  • Full support for Scalable RGB (sRGB) has been added – sRGB support enables more accurate blending between transparent content. For more information, please see All Headsets: Color and Brightness.
  • Mixed Reality Capture (MRC) is included by default – MRC is now included by default without any project changes, as long as the OculusVR plugin is enabled. In addition, the physical camera session is persistent across the game/app instance, rather than being deployed as a separate actor within each level. Thus, there is no need to close and reopen the camera when changing maps. In conjunction with this, we have a new Blueprint interface that doesn't involve an actor, and which persists the settings across maps. To use this, you simply make changes directly to the MRC settings. This approach also allows the settings to be changed, loaded, and saved without restarting the game/app. Also, the casting window no longer exists. The spectator screen is now used for the MR capture. (This brings it more inline with the Oculus Unity MRC implementation.) For more information, please see Oculus Rift: Mixed Reality Capture.
  • Unreal Engine 4.21 preview support is available with this release of the Oculus-UE4 integration.

API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Get Player Area Transform: Previously there was a bug where rotating this transform beyond 180 degrees would start to rotate in the reverse direction.
  • Haptics: Fixed a crash that could occur when using haptics with SoundWaves, where PCMData was used before it was fully decompressed.

Known Issues

  • There is a bug affecting the ovr_SetBoundaryLookAndFeel API by which color set operations to the visualized boundary grid do not work if they are called while the HMD is not being worn.
  • A significant drop in frame rate occurs when UE4 is not in focus in VR preview mode. To avoid this issue, uncheck the Use Less CPU when in Background in Edit > Editor Preferences > General (left sidebar) > Miscellaneous (left sidebar) > Performance.
  • Exclusive Mode issue: Setting the mirror window to full-screen exclusive mode will not work correctly if the monitor and HMD are connected to different GPUs.