Get Bone Rotation

Returns the bone rotation for the specified hand and bone type.


Get Bone Name Blueprint


  • Device Hand: One of the EOculusHandType enum values
    • None
    • Hand Left
    • Hand Right
  • Bone Id: One of the EBone enum values: [WristRoot, Hand Start, Forearm Stub, Thumb0, Thumb1, Thumb2, Thumb3, Index1, Index2, Index3, Middle1, Middle2, Middle3, Ring1, Ring2, Ring3, Pinky0, Pinky1, Pinky2, Pinky3, Thumb Tip, Max Skinnable, Index Tip, Middle Tip, Ring Tip, Pinky Tip, Hand End, Hand Max, Invalid]

Controller Index (optional)

  • Integer indicating the controller index


  • Return Value: A Quat structure that indicates the bone rotation.