Get Pose

Returns the orientation and position (if available) for the headset.


This blueprint returns the current orientation and position for the headset.



  • Use Orientation for Player Camera: Set this to True to specify that the orientation should be used to update orientation of the camera manually.
  • Use Position for Player Camera: Set this to True if the position is going to be used to update position of the camera manually.
  • Position Scale: The 3D scale factor that will be applied to the position values before they are returned.


  • Device Rotation: The device’s current rotation.
  • Device Position: The device’s current position, in its own tracking space. If positional tracking is not available, this value will be a zero vector.
  • Neck Position: The estimated neck position, calculated using the NeckToEye vector from the User Profile. This value is expressed in the same coordinate space as Device Position.