Set Client Color Desc

Sets the color space for the client app.

For more about color spaces, see ()[] in the native guide, and Unreal Color Functions.


The Set Client Color Desc blueprint node is shown below:


Color Space: One of the EColorSpace enum values:

  • Unknown (default) - The default value of GetHMDColorSpace until SetClientColorDesc is called. Valid on PC, mapped to Quest on Quest.
  • Unmanaged: No color correction. Not recommended for production apps.
  • Rec2020 - Preferred color space for standardized colors across all Oculus devices. This color space uses D65 (daylight) for its white point.
  • RiftCV1 - Indicates the original Rift unique color space.
  • RiftS - Indicates the RiftS unique color space.
  • Quest - The Quest native color space, which is similar to the RiftCV1 color space.
  • P3 - Similar to the DCI-P3 color space.
  • Adobe RGB - Similar to sRGB, but with deeper greens using D65 (daylight) for its white point.O