Set Color Scale and Offset Blueprint

Performs the color scaling operation. In the Oculus compositor, once a frame is rendered, warped, and ready to be displayed, you can then multiply each pixel by the Color Scale, and add it to the Color Offset. Thus, newPixel = oldPixel * colorScale + colorOffset. Note that for mobile devices such as Oculus Quest, Color Offset is not supported, so Color Scale is the only argument that can be used.

For more about color scale and offset, see Unreal Color Functions.


The Set Color Scale and Offset blueprint node is shown below:


  • Color Scale: Linear color structure that is used as multiplier applied against every channel: red, green, blue, and alpha.
  • Color Offset: Linear color structure that is added to each pixel.
  • Apply to All Layers: True to indicate the color scale and offset should be applied to each layer; otherwise false.