Set Fixed Foveated Rendering Level

Sets the multi-resolution level for fixed foveated rendering (FFR), and whether FFR is dynamically adjusted. FFR enables the edges of the eye buffers to be rendered at a lower resolution than the center portion of the eye buffers. For more information, see Oculus Quest: Fixed Foveated Rendering.



  • Level: The desired multi-resolution level for fixed foveated rendering. This is an index into the EFixedFoveatedRenderingLevel enum, which can be one of the following values:
    • EFixedFoveatedRenderingLevel_Off (index = 0): No reduction of resolution. (Default)
    • EFixedFoveatedRenderingLevel_LMSLow (index = 1): The lowest level of resolution reduction.
    • EFixedFoveatedRenderingLevel_LMSMedium (index = 2): The medium level of resolution reduction.
    • EFixedFoveatedRenderingLevel_LMSHigh (index = 3): The highest level of resolution reduction.
    • EFixedFoveatedRenderingLevel_LMSHighTop (index = 4): The highest level of resolution reduction, with more foveation at the top.
  • Is Dynamic: Check to make FFR dynamic depending on GPU load and app requirements.


  • No output.