Oculus Performance Settings in Unreal Engine

The Oculus Performance Window makes it easy to set some recommended performance settings for your Oculus projects.

Things to note with this window:

  • This window makes it easy to enable or ignore each performance setting. The description for each setting is shown on the screen, with links to more info where relevant.
  • Each setting disappears from the screen after you set it or ignore it. You can select the Unhide button to unhide ignored settings.
  • Click Refresh to refresh the screen, if necessary.

If you need a more comprehensive way to manage your project settings, use the standard Project Settings screens.


Before you can use the Oculus Performance Window, you must enable the OculusVR plugin. To do this, select Edit > Plugins, scroll down the Virtual Reality section, and select the Enable checkbox for the OculusVR plugin.

Launch the Oculus Performance Window

  1. Select Edit > Project Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Plugins > OculusVR.
  3. Click Launch Oculus Performance Window:

Modify Performance Settings

When you click the launch button, the following window appears. Use the dropdown to choose PC or Mobile. Note that PC settings for Rift applications are displayed by default:

For Oculus Quest applications, select Mobile:

The mobile settings are shown below: