Upload Apps to Oculus from the Unreal Editor

The Oculus integration for Unreal Engine provides the Oculus Platform Tool that you can use to upload your app to Oculus. Using the tool, you can upload development builds to release channels as needed. The Oculus Platform Tool uses the Oculus Platform Command Line Utility.

For information about uploading your apps to a Release Channel or Store using the Oculus Dashboard, please see the Uploading Rift Apps or Uploading Quest Apps page.


You must have Oculus integration version 1.36 or later to access this feature. To get the latest distribution, see the Oculus GitHub Repository (you must be signed in to GitHub to access) or for more information, see Select an Unreal Engine Distribution.

To use the Oculus Platform Tool, open your Project Settings and navigate to Plugins > OculusVR, then click the Launch Oculus Platform Window button. The following image shows an example of the tool.

Use the Tool

To use the tool, you will need your Oculus App ID and App Token (App Secret), which can be found on the App page in the Oculus Developer Dashboard. In addition, you should provide information such as the build directory and version.

Find the App ID and App Secret

  • Sign in to the Oculus developer portal with an admin account for your organization and navigate to https://developer.oculus.com/manage.
  • Find the app in the list of apps for your organization
  • Navigate to the Getting Started API page to find the App ID and App Secret, which is called the App Token in the platform tool. The following image shows an example:

Note: You must use an admin account to view the app secret. Visit the Members page under Settings for your organization to verify the admin accounts.

For more information about the fields in the Platform Tool dialog, see Oculus Platform Command Line Utility .