Reduce App Deploy Time During Development

When you are building and testing your app, the build-deploy cycle can take a long time, and this can slow your development process. With the Oculus Integration for Unreal Engine v18 and later, you can enable a Launch On setting that enables you to skip APK packaging for a previously built project. This feature works by loading libraries from the /dataDir directory on the device that is associated with your app, instead of from within the APK.

Note that this feature bypasses the normal Android APK build logic. If you make any code or manifest changes that require a new APK, you will need to disable this option temporarily to allow a new APK to be built and installed on your device.

Enable the Launch On Setting

You can reduce app deploy time with debuggable APKs by setting a flag in the package settings. There are two places to access this setting.

  • Under Editor Preferences: In Unreal, go to Edit > Editor Preferences , and then under General > Experimental, find the Launch On setting and check it to turn it on. The following image shows an example.

Launch on option 1

  • On the Launch menu: Find the the Launch On menu option whenever Oculus devices are enabled in the Android project settings. The following image shows an example.

Launch on option 2

This flag adds the following meta-data entry to the Android manifest to enable the app to load libraries from dataDir.

<meta-data android:name="com.oculus.extlib" android:value="true"/>

Note that the Launch On setting is provided for development and debugging purposes only, and you must disable this setting before you upload your app to the Oculus Store. No application will be accepted on the Oculus Store with this flag enabled.