Launching Your Content

From an Android 2D browser such as Chrome you can tap a link with the ovrweb protocol to launch Carmel Developer Preview to the URL that follows the protocol. The example below shows how to create HTML links and perform JavaScript navigation using the ovrweb protocol.

<!-- Launch Carmel Developer Preview using standard links, replace with your URL -->
<a href="ovrweb:">
  Navigate to an HTTP experience
<a href="ovrweb:">
  Navigate to an HTTPS experience

// You can also navigate programmatically from script
function onClick() {
  // Replace with your URL
  window.location.href = "ovrweb:";

From within a VR experience, you can navigate to other VR experiences using standard web navigation methods. The ovrweb protocol can also be used from within Carmel Developer Preview to navigate, but is not required. Navigating to 2D websites is not currently supported in Carmel Developer Preview.