Carmel Starter Kit

| Published 2016-12-09
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Carmel Starter Kit 1.0

A set of samples for getting up and running in WebVR with a set of common experiences.

For more information on VR Web, see our VR Web Developer Guide, and the announcement post Carmel Developer Preview Launches Today on our Developer Blog.

New Features

  • Latest WebVR API Support
    • VR to VR support for navigation
    • Support for getFrameData for optimal pose retrieval
  • Four Samples to get you Started
    • Hello WebVR - The canonical sample to get you started in WebVR
    • Gamepad Support - Get started with the Gear VR and Bluetooth Gamepads
    • HTML 5 Navigation - Enable back navigation in your VS experiences
    • 360 Photos - How to display 360 photos in several popular formats