Oculus Audio SDK Plugins

| Published 2015-11-05
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Oculus Audio SDK Plugins 1.0.0-beta

This constitutes our beta release of Audio SDK 1.0. We have added an additional spatializer plugin for Unity based on their Native Audio Plugin and are maintaining our original Oculus Spatializer Plugin (OSP) for Unity for legacy development with Unity 4. Developers using Unity 5 should use the Oculus Native Spatializer Plugin.

The priority system has been removed in lieu of middleware- or engine-implemented sound priority. We removed frequency hint as improvements in the core engine made it redundant.

New Features

  • Added Oculus Native Spatializer for Unity.
  • Added support for using OSP for FMOD with the FMOD Studio Unity Integration.
  • Added support for using OSP for Wwise with the Wwise Unity Integration.

API Changes

  • Removed priority system and frequency hint from all OSPs.
  • Added falloff range near/far to Unity Native OSP.

Bug Fixes

  • Wwise: Fixed potential crash bug in spatializer tail processing.