Oculus Audio SDK Plugins

| Published 2016-01-28
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Oculus Audio SDK Plugins 1.0.2

API Changes

  • Native Spatializer for Unity: Set void SetParameter(ref AudioSource source) function within ONSPAudioSoure.cs to public. When instantiating a prefab with this component, please be sure to call this function (and pass a reference of the AudioSource component) before calling AudioSource.Play().
  • Ambisonics API: Changed to right-hand coordinates to match the rest of the public AudioSDK.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing reverb to turn on/off at random.
  • Reverb is now disabled when per-sound setting to disable reflections is on.
  • Fixed rejecting high reflections value from plugins: changed AudioSDK parameter validation to accept reflection coefficients 0-1, and clamp to 0.95.
  • Wwise: Fixed for incorrect detection of channel count on sounds sent to OSP bus (previously resulted in n > 1 channel warning message, even though sound is mono).
  • Wwise: Temporary fix for sounds using multi-position mode - they now bypass the OSP and display a warning message in profiler log, rather than playing spatialized but unattenuated.
  • Unity Native: Fixed reversed z-axis when calculating position of sound relative to listener.

Known Issues

  • High reflection values in small rooms may cause distortion due to volume overload. See parameter documentation in the appropriate OSP guide for more information.