Oculus Audio SDK Plugins

1.0.3 | Published 2016-04-21
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Oculus Audio SDK Plugins 1.0.3

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Audio SDK.

New Features

  • VST Integration
    • Added head tracking in DAW.
    • Added Volume Unit (VU) meter.
    • Added support for Adobe Audition v 8.1 (Windows and OS X).

API Changes

  • Oculus Native Spatializer for Unity
    • Log ONSP version number when running test scene.
    • Redballgreenball demo scene - changed scale of audio parameters (room size and audio source curves) as well as visual geometry to reflect real-world scale.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect Ambisonics rotation when the listener head rotated.
  • Fixed listener rotation for reflections and optimized performance by removing extra silence after reflections.
  • Oculus Native Spatializer for Unity
    • Fixed parameter setting issue in which volume changes and other settings were not set properly.
    • Fixed volume pop and buzzing anomalies when going in and out of Unity app focus.
    • Various crash fixes and CPU optimizations.
  • VST
    • Fixed scrubbing and loss of early reflections in Adobe Audition and potentially other DAWs.