Oculus Audio SDK Plugins

1.1.1 | Published 2016-10-19
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Oculus Audio SDK Plugins 1.1.1

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Audio SDK.

Overview of Major Changes

The 1.1.1 release adds an updated version of the Oculus Native Spatializer Plugin for Unity and minor bug fixes.

For release notes on release 1.1.0, which includes several major improvements and new features, please see Audio SDK 1.1.0 Release Notes .

Bug Fixes

  • Unity ONSP: Version 1.0.4 of the Unity ONSP was inadvertently included with release 1.1.0. Audio SDK 1.1.1 includes the latest plugin.
  • Wwise: SDK now always sets Min/Max attachment parameter values. This allows reflection values to be modified even if we are using Wwise to author direct curve.
  • AAX and VST for DAWs: Visualizer now only updates listener position when HMD is mounted/worn.