Oculus Audio SDK Plugins

1.1.2 | Published 2016-12-14
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Oculus Audio SDK Plugins 1.1.2

The 1.1.2 release includes minor bug fixes and logging changes.

New Features

  • Added more detailed error log messages for setting Shared Reverb Range parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • FMOD
  • Fixed inverse solving of listener coordinates.
  • Increased "inside head" zone where sound is placed in front of listener. Sounds closer than 1 cm to the center of the head are placed in front to prevent glitches where sound jumps from side to side due to floating point error (exhibited in FMOD plugin reverse solving listener coordinates).
  • Fixed incorrect audio output from OSP when FMOD Studio project is set to surround output (i.e., 5.1) rather than stereo.
  • Fixed Shared Reverb Min/Max range parameter values not being set correctly.