Oculus Avatar SDK

| Published 2020-10-05
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Oculus Avatar SDK 20.1

Note: If you are an approved developer planning to ship an app on Oculus Quest using Avatars, please contact your Oculus representative to get further information.

The Oculus Avatar SDK supports developers in implementing social and hand presence for supported Oculus devices. Using this SDK, developers can bring the avatars users create in Oculus Home into own apps and make them viewable by other users. Avatars also include hand presence for Oculus Touch controllers, letting you integrate Touch interaction into apps and games.

This download includes native C/C++ support for the development of games and applications on all supported Oculus devices.

Note: Developers working on Unity and Unreal Engine apps do not require this download because the Avatar SDK components are already included in the Unity Integration and Unreal Engine 4 Integration. Use the appropriate integration to implement avatars to apps or games developed with these engines.

The Oculus Avatar SDK is compatible with all Oculus supported development environments and platforms.


Note: If you are planning to integrate avatars into your Quest app using the Oculus Avatar SDK, you should contact Oculus for additional details before you get started. Either contact your Oculus representative or, if you don't work with an Oculus representative, use the Contact Form.

See the Avatar SDK documentation for Unity, Unreal Engine, or native development for PC or Mobile for a list of features and links to how to get started. The Avatar SDK is compatible with all Oculus supported development environments and platforms.

New Features

  • This is a maintenance release. There are no developer-facing changes in this release.

API Changes

  • There are no API changes in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes that improve performance.