Oculus Avatar SDK

1.16.0 | Published 2017-06-30
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Oculus Avatar SDK 1.16

The Oculus Avatar SDK assists developers with implementing social presence and hand presence for Gear VR and for Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. With the Avatar SDK, it is easy to bring the avatar appearance users create in Oculus Home into your own applications and make them viewable by other users. Avatars also include hand presence for Touch, letting you integrate Touch interaction into your app.

Includes Unity and native C/C++ support for both Rift and Gear VR.

For more information, see the Avatar SDK Developer Guide.

New Features

  • In Unity, added the option Use SDK Packets to the OvrAvatar script. You can now choose between using the older Unity C# pose blending network packet code or the easier to use Avatar SDK network packet interface.

    Note: All avatars in the scene must use the same SDK packet setting.

  • Added a new sample Unity scene, SocialStarter, demonstrating using avatars together with other Oculus platform features such as Invites and VoIP.

API Changes

  • No breaking changes.