Oculus Avatar SDK

| Published 2016-12-06
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Oculus Avatar SDK 1.10.1

Initial Avatar SDK 1.10.1 release.

New Features

  • Unity Support
    • Prefabs
    • Local avatars under Touch input control.
    • Remote avatars under network packet playback control.
    • Sample scenes
    • Controllers. Demonstrates Touch controller presence.
    • GripPoses. Helps make custom hand poses by rotating finger joints.
    • LocalAvatar. Demonstrates avatar components and features.
    • RemoteLoopback. Demonstrates avatar packet recording and playback.
  • Native C++ Support
    • OpenGL shaders.
    • Visual Studio 2013 sample code with Oculus Platform integration.
    • libovravatar.lib library file.
    • OVR_Avatar.h.

Known Issues

  • Missing avatar graphics when you build and run a Unity .exe. As a temporary workaround, click Edit > Project Settings > Graphics. Under Always Included Shaders, add +3 to Size, and then add the following shading elements: AvatarSurfaceShader, AvatarSurfaceShaderPBS, and AvatarSurfaceShaderSelfOccluding.