Oculus Developer Hub for Windows

| Published 2021-03-16
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Oculus Developer Hub v1.6.0 for Windows

The Oculus Developer Hub (ODH) is a desktop companion tool that streamlines app development for the Oculus Quest. It is frequently used for development tasks like device management, checking device performance metrics, and capturing headset display.

What's new?

  • Custom Commands: Create custom commands specific to your developer workflow. View the output from your executed command or leave it running silently in the background.

  • Media Browser: Browse screenshots and video recordings from your headset and download them to your computer.

  • Device Nicknames: Set a nickname for each of your devices to easily identify them in case you're using multiple devices for testing.


  • APK Install Improvements: The APK drag-and-drop install process has a new UI and is now more discoverable and intuitive to use.

ODH Developer Documentation

We've put together a developer's guide to help you navigate through ODH. It contains detailed information about each feature and a comprehensive list of FAQs that caters to specific issues.