Oculus Developer Hub for Windows

| Published 2020-12-15
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Oculus Developer Hub v1.3.0 for Windows

The Oculus Developer Hub (ODH) is a desktop companion tool that streamlines app development for Oculus Quest. It frequently used development tasks like device management, checking device performance metrics, and capturing headset display.

What's new?

  • Casting window resize - The casting window now supports a minimum size of 256x256 pixels

  • Copy device info - Clicking the device card in My Device will automatically copy device info to your clipboard

What's fixed?

  • Fixed a bug that crashes device logs when an invalid regex pattern is entered

  • Cleaned spurious errors to sanitize ODH SAD metric

ODH Developer Documentation

We've put together a developer's guide to help you navigate through ODH. It contains detailed information about each feature and a comprehensive list of FAQs that caters to specific issues.