Oculus Lipsync Unity

| Published 2018-10-05
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Oculus Lipsync Unity Integration 1.30.0

Oculus Lipsync is an add-on plugin and set of scripts which can be used to sync mouth movements of a game or other digital asset to speech sounds from pre-recorded audio or live microphone input in real-time.

For more information, see our Oculus Lipsync Unity Integration Guide.

Note: This version includes our first release of Unreal and Native integration support - see related links.

New Features

  • Added new beta laughter detection feature under provider: Enhanced_with_Laughter
  • Added DSP acceleration option for supported devices
  • Added binaries for ARM64 deployment
  • Usability improvements:
    • Improved offline lipsync asset generation with progress bar
    • Improved offline lipsync asset generation with support of non-preloaded audio assets
    • Added labels to Viseme to Blend Target lists in UI

API Changes

  • Added additional Lipsync provider: Enhanced_with_Laughter
  • Added an AudioDataType used to switch between providing stereo and mono, float and short audio data

Bug Fixes

  • Mouth now closes on push/hold to talk modes when input is stopped