Oculus Mobile SDK

| Published 2020-12-19
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Oculus Mobile SDK 23.0

The Oculus Mobile SDK includes libraries, tools, and resources for native C/C++ development of Android apps for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Go standalone devices. If you primarily use Unity or Unreal Engine for Android development, it is not necessary to download the Mobile SDK in most cases . For more information on Oculus Mobile development using Unity or Unreal Engine, see Mobile Development with Unity and Unreal.

For documentation on developing for Oculus devices that use Android, see our Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

For details on migrating to Mobile SDK 23.0 (API 1.40) from previous versions, see the Mobile SDK Migration Guide.

New Features

  • 90 Hz mode is now supported. For information on using this feature, see the Refresh Rate topic.

API Changes

  • The ovrDeviceType value, VRAPI_DEVICE_TYPE_OCULUSQUEST2 has been added to the API.
  • The ovrTouch bit flags, ovrTouch_ThumbRest, ovrTouch_LThumbRest, and ovrTouch_RThumbRest have been added to the API.
  • The ovrEventType value, VRAPI_EVENT_DISPLAY_REFRESH_RATE_CHANGE, has been added to the API. This event is sent when the display refresh rate is changed by the system.
  • The ovrSystemStatus value, VRAPI_SYS_STATUS_SYSTEM_UX_ACTIVE, has been removed from the API.
  • The ovrSystemProperty value, VRAPI_SYS_PROP_VIDEO_DECODER_LIMIT, and corresponding structure, ovrVideoDecoderLimit, have been removed from the API.

Bug Fixes

  • There are no major bug fixes with this release.

Known SDK Issues

  • There are no known issues with this release.