Oculus Mobile SDK

| Published 2019-04-04
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Oculus Mobile SDK 1.23.0

The Oculus Mobile SDK includes libraries, tools, and resources for native C/C++ development for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. If you work primarily with Unity or Unreal Engine, in most cases it is not necessary to download the Mobile SDK.

For more information, see our Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

For details on migrating to Mobile SDK 1.23 from previous versions, see the Mobile SDK Migration Guide.

New Features

The following new features can be found in 1.23:

  • Support for the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones.

API Changes

  • Added Samsung Galaxy S10 Device Type to the API.
  • New ovrTrackingStatus flags were added: VRAPI_TRACKING_STATUS_POSITION_VALID and VRAPI_TRACKING_STATUS_ORIENTATION_VALID. Prior to these status bits, it was unclear how to treat orientation and position data when the _TRACKED status bits were unset. The new _VALID bits indicate whether the value delivered is usable for rendering or other computation. When the _TRACKED bit is unset, but the _VALID bit is set, the provided pose is usable, but is the result of some model or estimation heuristic.

Bug Fixes

  • When running the compositor in-process, the VrApi frame timing will no longer be reset to zero on vrapi_EnterVrMode if the application is built with 1.23.0 or higher.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.