Oculus Mobile SDK

| Published 2019-12-19
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Oculus Mobile SDK 12.0

The Oculus Mobile SDK includes libraries, tools, and resources for native C/C++ development of apps for Oculus devices that use Android, which are Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. If you primarily use Unity or Unreal Engine for Android development, it is not necessary to download the Mobile SDK in most cases . For more information on Unity and Unreal Engine Android development, see Mobile Development with Unity and Unreal.

For documentation on developing for Oculus devices that use Android, see our Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

For details on migrating to Mobile SDK 12.0 from previous versions, see the Mobile SDK Migration Guide.


Versioning methodology has been updated to bring consistency to Oculus SDK releases. This release (12.0) follows Mobile SDK 1.28.

New Features

  • Hand tracking is now supported on Oculus Quest as a developer preview feature. See the "Hand Tracking" section of VrApi Input and the new VrHands sample for example usage.
    • Developer Preview Disclaimer: Hand tracking is presented as a developer preview feature in this release. Apps using this feature will not currently be accepted for submission into any Oculus release channel until the feature exits the developer preview phase in a future release.
  • Dynamic foveation is now supported. See the "Dynamic Foveation" section of Fixed Foveated Rendering for more information.

API Changes

  • A new hand tracking API has been added.
  • A new ovrProperty, VRAPI_DYNAMIC_FOVEATION_ENABLED, has been provided which allows the application to specify whether dynamic foveation should be enabled.
  • A new event polling mechanism, vrapi_PollEvent, has been added to the API.
  • New ovrSystemProperty values VRAPI_SYS_PROP_HAS_ORIENTATION_TRACKING and VRAPI_SYS_PROP_HAS_POSITION_TRACKING have been added for querying device tracking capabilities.

Bug Fixes

  • There are no major bug fixes in this release.

Known SDK Issues

  • There are no known issues with this release.