Oculus Mobile SDK

| Published 2016-04-06
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Oculus Mobile SDK

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Mobile SDK.

This minor patch release fixes problems with OS X development and splits Oculus Remote Monitor from the Mobile SDK to make it easier to access for developers using a third-party game engine.

New Features

  • Oculus Remote Monitor
    • VR Developer Mode is no longer required if you have System Activities 1.0.2 or greater and an app built with Oculus Mobile SDK 1.0 or greater.
    • Exposed experimental layer texel density and complexity visualizers (supported by apps built with Oculus Mobile SDK 1.0 or later).
    • Now available as a separate downloadable package from the full Mobile SDK download.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed OS X “No such file or directory” build problem.
  • Increased VR thread stack size.
  • Oculus Remote Monitor
    • Improved network stability on Windows.