Oculus Mobile SDK

1.0.4 | Published 2016-10-26
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Oculus Mobile SDK 1.0.4

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Mobile SDK.

The VrApi implementation is now distributed through the Oculus System Driver application.

Long-press back button handling (including gaze timer rendering) and recenter-on-mount are now detected and handled directly by VrApi. Applications should no longer implement this logic.

The System Utilities library dependency has been removed and its functionality is now handled directly within VrApi. Applications which require VrApi only no longer need to link to anything else.

The VrApi Loader is now Java free, further reducing the number of dependencies an application is required to link against.

TimeWarp Debug Graph has been removed. Please use OVRMonitor instead.

For details on migrating to Mobile SDK 1.0.4 from previous versions, see Mobile SDK Migration Guide .

New Features

  • Gaze Cursor Timer is now rendered automatically in VrApi as a TimeWarp Layer.

API Changes

  • Back-button long press handling and recenter-on-mount are now handled directly by VrApi. Apps should not implement this logic any longer.
  • VrApi now provides an interface for displaying System UIs, returning to Home, and displaying fatal error messages. See VrApi_SystemUtils.h.
  • System Level Button Timings are now exposed on the VrApi System Properties interface. See VRAPI_SYS_PROP_BACK_BUTTON_SHORTPRESS_TIME and VRAPI_SYS_PROP_BACK_BUTTON_DOUBLTAP_TIME.
  • A recenter count has been added to the VrApi System Status interface. See VRAPI_SYS_STATUS_RECENTER_COUNT.
  • Applications are no longer responsible for managing the SystemUtils app events and should remove the following function calls:
    • SystemActivities_Init
    • SystemActivities_Shutdown
    • SystemActivities_Update
    • SystemActivities_PostUpdate