Oculus Platform SDK

1.18.0 | Published 2017-09-14
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Oculus Platform SDK 1.18

Use the Platform SDK to create social VR applications. Add Matchmaking, Commerce (In-App Purchases), Cloud Storage, Voice Chat, Achievements, and more to your experience using the individual components of the SDK. The SDK download includes sample apps that demonstrate how to implement many of the SDK features in fully-functional games and applications.

The Platform SDK is compatible with all Oculus supported development environments and platforms. Information about the SDK features and how to get started can be found in the Oculus Platform SDK documentation.

New Features

  • Profile Card API - On Gear VR you can use ovr_User_LaunchProfile to launch a profile that displays the Oculus name, ID, online status, recent interactions, and mutual friends for a specified user. The profile also allows a friend request to be sent. Please see the User, Friends, and Relationships page for additional information.
  • Recently Met API - Use ovr_User_GetLoggedInUserRecentlyMetUsersAndRooms to retrieve a list of users who the logged-in user recently interacted with in your app. Interesting users, users who interact frequently or for a long duration, will be returned first. Oculus tracks the number of times users meet in VR, their most recent encounter, and the amount of time they spend together. Please see the User, Friends, and Relationships page for additional information.
  • Room Notifications - You'll now receive a room update notification if a user is removed from a room by Oculus. Please see the Rooms guide for information about handling room updates.

API Changes

  • There are no breaking changes to version 1.18.