Oculus Platform SDK

1.15.0 | Published 2017-06-03
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Oculus Platform SDK 1.15

Use the Platform SDK to create social VR applications. Add Matchmaking, Commerce (In-App Purchases), Cloud Storage, Voice Chat, Achievements, and more to your experience using the individual components of the SDK. The SDK download includes sample apps that demonstrate how to implement many of the SDK features in fully-functional games and applications.

The Platform SDK is compatible with all Oculus supported development environments and platforms. Information about the SDK features and how to get started can be found in the Oculus Platform SDK documentation.

New Features

  • Two new Discoverability features are now available for Gear VR apps. Use targeted Announcements and In-App Content stories to bring users into your app. Review the Discoverability documentation for more information.

API Changes

  • There are no breaking changes to version 1.15.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Matchmaking deadlock issue that caused users to not be matched by the service.
  • General Platform SDK performance improvements and bug fixes.