Oculus Spatializer Unity

1.29.0 | Published 2018-09-10
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Oculus Audio Spatializer Plugin for Unity 1.29.0

A Unity plugin to let developers add HRTF-based spatialization and room modeling to applications.

For more information, see our Audio SDK Developer Guide.

New Features

  • Decoupling of early reflections and late reverb: Early reflections have now been decoupled from late reverb. Previously, reverb could only be turned on if reflections were on. Now, you can use any possible combination of reflections and reverb. This allows for room modeling on lower-spec platforms (including Oculus Go) where much of the time spent in the modeling phase is in the early reflections. The reverb portion results in a more-or-less a fixed CPU hit, so turning that on and disabling early reflections can help to keep the CPU budget in check.

API Changes

  • There are no breaking API changes in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Not applicable