Oculus Utilities for Unity

| Published 2018-08-16
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Oculus Utilities for Unity 1.28.0

1.28 is the last version of the Oculus Utilities for Unity that will be shipped via download on the Oculus website. All future versions will be available in the Unity Asset Store. Please see the Unity Integration release notes page for information about the Oculus integration for Unity. Historical Unity Integration packages can be on the Unity Integration Archive page.

Please see Compatibility and Version Requirements for important known Unity issues and support information.

The Oculus Utilities for Unity package includes includes scripts, prefabs, and other resources to supplement Unity’s built-in support. The package includes an interface for controlling VR camera behavior, a first-person control prefab, a unified input API for controllers, advanced rendering features, object-grabbing and haptics scripts for Touch, debugging tools, and more.

New Features

  • Improved the manifest assist tool which manages VRC required attributes
  • Added support for obtaining the dominant hand the user has specified in device settings
  • Added support for re-centering the HMD when controller is re-centered
  • Added support for sorting OVROverlays according to their composition depth

Integration Changes

Updated the package to PC SDK 1.28.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A

Package Description

Unity versions 5.1 and later provide built-in VR support for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Go. The optional Utilities Unity package includes prefabs, C# scripts, sample scenes, and more to assist with development. For more information, see our Unity 5 Developer Guide.

The Utilities package includes the most recent version of the Oculus OVRPlugin that is also included in the Unity Editor. When you import the Utilities package into a project, if the OVRPlugin included with Utilities is greater than the version in your Editor, a pop-up dialog will give you the option to update it. We recommend always using the latest-available OVRPlugin version.

For information on which versions of the Unity Editor are compatible with which versions of Utilities for Unity, please see Compatibility and Version Requirements.

Be sure to review our Downloads page for other useful tools to assist development, such as the Unity Sample Framework. For more information on Oculus resources for Unity developers, please see Other Oculus Resources for Unity Developers.

The Oculus Integration, available through the Unity Asset Store, provides several Unity Packages in a single download, including our Utilities for Unity, Oculus Platform SDK Unity plugin, Oculus Avatar SDK Unity Plugin, Oculus Native Spatializer Plugin, and the Unity Sample Framework.